Body-oriented Therapy
(Somatic Approach)

Along with cognitive psychotherapy and coaching, I am specialized in body and somatic practices. I dance and teach Contact Improvisation, also I have been organizing a variety of body, moving and breathing practices on ground and in water for more than 10 years now. Since 2005 I practice meditation and authentic movement, furthermore Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and Skinner Release Therapy (SRT). For those my clients, who are ready and open for new experiences while therapy and want to widen their horizons, I offer some body-oriented practices. Usually before sessions we discuss the details about safety rules in order to build up efficiency of our work.

Body-oriented practice in water with the elements of Watsu and Waterdance

The therapy process happens in the warm, thermal water. While for more advanced clients underwater may also be used using the nose clip, at the beginning we just stay on the surface. The session starts with soft and simple movements. Despite this, as the result of such simple movements we can access deep states: physical and psychological. The body relaxes in warm water and opens up, thereby allowing to release deep tension of the muscles. By increasing the amplitude of movements in joints, light stretching and twisting, we reach the effect that is impossible to gain on land. Additional beneficial factor of the work in water is that it is a process similar to the meditation, and it allows to release mental tensions also. This kind of experience deeply influences the psychological state of a person. He or she experiences serenity, complete relaxation and mindfulness. Such practices are preferable along with personal therapy and coaching.
In summer and early autumn sessions are held in thermal water in Dagály Fürdö, and in winter in Aquaworld Resort Budapest, in Budapest city.
In Moscow and St. Petersburg we work in the Small Family Centers with warm pools.
You can bring swimming suit, slippers, a towel and bottle of water.
I normally send information about meeting place and transportation additionally.

Reviews about practice

Girls! You know when someone is looking for a psychologist, I always recommend Ekaterina. But from now on I will recommend her not only as a good psychotherapist, but also as a fairy, as a specialist of Watsu. Honestly, girls, it is incredible! If I knew about the existence of her and Watsu, my husband would live without conflicts. Just joking! Life is boring without disputes, so anyways they would take place. I cannot say about others, but personally after Watsu I became less anxious, it is easier to relax now, I even got my back straighter. And magically, I gained a beautiful flexibility. If anyone is interested to please your inner dolphin, read about this method. One week has passed after our sessions, but I dream about swimming and feel absolutely happy. I wake up — and feel delighted.

If there exists a gift to heal souls through the body, Ekaterina has exactly that gift.
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