When someone is looking for a psychologist, I always recommend Ekaterina. But from now on I will recommend her not only as a good psychotherapist, but also as a fairy, as a specialist of Watsu. Honestly, girls, it is incredible! If I knew about the existence of her and Watsu, my husband would live without fights. Just joking! Life is boring without disputes, so anyways they would take place. I cannot say about others, but personally after Watsu I became less anxious, it is easier to relax now, I even got my back straighter. And as if in cartoons, I gained a beautiful flexibility. If anyone is interested to please your inner dolphin, read about this wonderful method. One week has passed after our sessions, but I dream about swimming and feel absolutely happy. I wake up — and feel delighted.

If there was a gift to heal souls through the body, Ekaterina has exactly that gift.
Kirill, 30 years old
Project Manager in an international company
I consulted with Ekaterina with two requests: change of social circle and focus on creativity. Initially, I had no idea from which side to approach, so I decided that the help of a specialist would be appropriate. Gradually, Ekaterina helped me to turn abstract desires into concrete steps, taking into account my strengths and weaknesses. After a few sessions, I gained an understanding of the course of action, which led to successful results in both directions. Most importantly, there is no more violence against myself and criticizing, I started to come to our session for relaxation.
Igor, 50 years old
Head of Finance Management
My first training, which was conducted by Ekaterina, was called "Leadership — the secrets of success." I set myself the goal of exploring leadership models more fully and increasing my effectiveness as a leader. As a result of the training, I came to understanding that the most important areas of improvement for every manager are the development of emotional intelligence and effective communication skills. Later, I attended almost all of Ekaterina's training on this topic and am extremely pleased with the results. It turned out to be interesting, useful, and it really works! In my opinion, Ekaterina is one of the best trainers in effective communications and participation in her training will be useful for everyone, since it is important for all of us, at least, to understand each other and communicate comfortably.
Anna, 30 years old
Logistics Expert
I came to Katerina with a request to work out my many irrational fears. With Katya, we discussed what I would do if this happens, and what the worst thing can happen in general. After we did a meditation for relaxation or was it some kind of immersion in myself, it is difficult for me to describe these sensations inside … I can say that after the session there was lightness in my head, the confidence that the universe always helped me after and it is like that. Moreover I still use the techniques that Katya taught me in all other areas, and this helps me to live fully in joy.
Anna, 33 years old
Organizer of Large-Scale Sports Events
Request: Resolving issues at work, in communication with management and subordinates. We have worked out the relationships, it has become more and more clear and simpler in relationships with colleagues.

Style of work:
An individual approach to each request, there are constellations, meditations, and training in water that will not leave anyone indifferent at all, because it is so relaxing! In addition, I attended Ekaterina's training on Emotional Intelligence at PWC, I highly recommend Ekaterina as a life coach!
Agnese, 35 y.o.
International Project Manager
I met Katia thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine. At that moment I was going through a big pressure in my personal and professional life. Working style of Ekaterina was tailored according to my personality and my needs. I felt she was following a process, but she was also flexible and open to receive my inputs and to make continuous adjustments. With her you will never get straight answers to your doubts or to your fears. You will feel frustrated sometimes and angry. But while you are going through this, the process has already started. She brings you to better connect to yourself and to learn how to "remember to breath", but you don't know exactly how you got there, you are just there.
Head of department of a large Russian company
My colleagues and I have repeatedly attended trainings from Ekaterina:
— Emotional Intelligence;
— Effective communication;
— Leadership skills and others.

Ekaterina is a wonderful trainer, she always pays attention to each participant in the training, tries to understand the individual requests, and to find an opportunity to address all the issues. The information is always structured and very well and supported by the abundance of modern literature. At each training, most of the time is always devoted to the practice, which allows not only to receive and systematize the knowledge gained, but also to gain feedback, which is very important in the matters of communication and emotional competence.

Ekaterina's energy is a separate issue that deserves admiration — she is very attentive to everyone, you get a boost of energy and inspiration to continue self- developing and learning.

What is the main result of the training for me? I can say that not only me, but also my colleagues, who were trained by Ekaterina, were delighted with her professionalism. Having worked with Ekaterina at the training events, I realized that I have a need to work out certain issues more deeply and I requested her for individual coaching sessions. For several years now, Ekaterina and I have also been cooperating in the framework of individual sessions. Katya helps me to unleash the potential in matters of emotional competence, strengthen my communication strengths and work on my weaknesses. Each session is really serious, this deep and not always easy work helps me and gives me strength to go forward! I am very grateful to Ekaterina for her professionalism, her ability to hear other people and her ability to help them become better!
Writer and journalist
What was the issue that you came with?
I was stuck in a depressive state. I had trouble showing up at work. Getting out of the bed would take me hours every morning and several other hours would pass before I could get out of the house and drink a coffee. I felt that I was losing all my time. I was living with a constant guilt for missing deadlines and for procrastinating meetings and duties. It became very hard also simply to respect appointments with friends.Slowly I started to have suicidal thoughts and felt that it couldn't only go worse.

How are you progressing? What is useful?
I am finally out of depression, but not at the same person I was before. I have a new awareness and I apply myself to be present and enjoy, rather than looking back and missing something I thought I had lost. Already after the third session I felt a shift in my mind, that, like a sore muscle, is gradually opening itself to hope, ideas, energy. I am generally positive and quite active, almost free from the guilt. I understood that my person needed a dedication to itself, to myself, and I cannot run away from it. So I am doing the job, luckily with a person gently supporting me.

How would you describe working style of Ekaterina?

In a few words: effective, accurate, curious, explorative and precise. Every time I showed up to Ekaterina with a question or a problem, not only she made me find the solution, but she used the case to go ahead with our journey. In other words, with Ekaterina, I am learning to accept the side of me I consider ugly and to make it a valuable resource for myself. Every single session with Ekaterina is useful and feels paramount, like taking a real step forward. She is fantastic at remembering every relevant detail and at making the whole process feel just natural. Supportive is the final word I would use to gather all my gratitude towards her, as she is incredibly hard working and very present, never letting me down, but still making me cultivate my own safety net.
Maria and Alexander, married couple
Meeting Katya and starting family therapy have become one of the most important processes for us this year. And although not all of our sessions were pleasant, we always had a very secure feeling that Katya knows what she is doing and we can just trust her. It was clear that we were going in the right direction. With time our relationship in a couple has become more secure and more intimate. Now we are more equipped to cope with difficult situations on our own. Our sex life was reborn again. We would like to express deep gratitude to Katya for her work with us and for her warm heart.
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