In Budapest and Corfu Island

What is a Retreat?

It is a deep immersion in the context of group or individual work with a therapist/ facilitator. It is an opportunity to escape from everyday life, to look at your own life with a different perspective, to relax and to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and distress. After that you return with new energy and ideas.

Retreat is a journey, it is a terra incognita exploration of your inner and outer space. It is a journey about how to be yourself and listen to yourself, by learning and feeling the world around. It is about staying in harmony, gaining new experiences and visiting unfamiliar places, about trusting water and being rooted in any situation.

Detailed Description of the Retreats:


One of the opportunities for the retreat is a trip to the wonderful city of Budapest, my second home. It is a capital European city where life is balanced in rhythm with nature.

During the trip we will get to know with Hungarian land and thermal waters. We will observe our feelings and emotions while visiting popular and rare sights. We will dive into warm water and explore flexibility and trust that always have been within us. We will do meditations on land as well as in water. We will practice healing body practices, dance and contact in the "now" moment. Also we will consciously walk through the streets of the city and near localities.


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