Therapy and Coaching
Therapy and Coaching
It is a specific relationship between therapist, coach-consultant and a client, where they together engage in searching solutions for problems or tasks of the client and ways to improve his/her quality of life.
Psychotherapy and coaching have both benefits and risks. Risks are about the possibility of having uncomfortable experiences like boredom, quilt, worry, anger, shame, disappointment, loneliness, due to the fact that ineffective and unpleasable aspects of your life are discussed. However, there are plenty of benefits as well.

Therapy mostly leads to noticeable decrease of worry and distress, dissatisfied relationships in long term. It also increases self-awareness and better understanding of inner processes, improves stress management skills and solves specific problems.

With the help of coaching, chances to achieve definite aims and tasks do increase. At the same time, there is no warranty that results will be exactly the same. Anyways, it means active participation from your side.

Every session can be dedicated to one specific topic, since simultaneous work in different directions may lower effectiveness of the session. Before the session, I suggest to focus on that topic, which is crucial for you at the very moment. If you plan to have several sessions, then the first couple ones might be devoted to assessment of your current condition and issues. After which I will share my impression how I see our work process and we will agree on therapy goals. You need to evaluate the information and make sure if you feel comfortable working with me. If any questions rise about the techniques I use, you are free to ask and discuss them with me on the way. In case you have doubts or are not comfortable enough, I will be glad to recommend to you another specialist. Moreover, you can quit the therapy any time without giving reasons, however, I think discussion would be helpful both for you and me. It is possible to do it via call or email.
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