"The peace outside starts with peace inside"

Ekaterina Podoprigora
Business skills trainer, Leadership coach, psychotherapist

I help people to take charge of their life, to discover their talents, to find life purpose and make dreams come true.

Psychotherapist, life and business coach, business skills trainer, performer, and most importantly a person, who sees meaning in her life and in work.
Currently I work as a business skills' trainer for large International and Russian companies, teach in the Universities, run a private consulting practice.
Watsu & Waterdance
Upcoming Business Skills Trainings
Effective Business Communication
31 March — 1 April 2021, PwC Academy
19, 20, 26, 27 April 2021, Online
21, 22 June 2021, PwC Academy
6, 7 October 2021, PwC Academy
15, 16 December 2021, PwC Academy

After the course of Effective Business Communication you will learn how to run negotiations, build long-term relationships with your colleagues and internal and external clients, which will allow you to achieve your goals and resolve complex issues.
Emotional Intelligence
12−13 April 2021, PwC Academy
11−12 October 2021, PwC Academy
8 — 9 December 2021, PwC Academy

Almost every leader needs a training on Emotional Intelligence in order to keep up with current political, economic and people challenges, market instabilities and innovations, dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings.
Influencing Skills
5-6 April 2021, PwC Academy
22, 23, 29, 30 April 2021, Online
20-21 October 2021, PwC Academy
13-14 December 2021, Академия PwC Academy

The goal of the training: is to learn to recognize your goals in communication and to form your own persuasion style, expand the range of personal influencing skills, to learn to recognize your own barriers in communication and develop methods to work with them and to learn how to detect and manage manipulation.
Conflict Management
14 — 15 April 2021, PwC Academy
14 — 15 October 2021, PwC Academy
6 — 7 October 2021, PwC Academy

This training on Conflict Management teaches you how to resolve conflicts in a positive, tolerant and thoughtful way. You will be able to manage conflicts in a way that you can keep the relationship with your opponent. The main outcome of the training will be to become confident in your own skills, acquire practical tools and techniques, which are crucial and important to apply on an everyday basis at the workplace.
I came to Katerina with a request to work out my many irrational fears. With Katya, we discussed what I would do if this happens, and what the worst thing can happen in general. After we did a meditation for relaxation or was it some kind of immersion in myself, it is difficult for me to describe these sensations inside … I can say that after the session there was lightness in my head, the confidence that the universe always helped me after and it is like that. Moreover I still use the techniques that Katya taught me in all other areas, and this helps me to live fully in joy.
Anna, 30 years old
Logistics Expert
Request: Resolving issues at work, in communication with management and subordinates. We have worked out the relationships, it has become more and more clear and simpler in relationships with colleagues.

Style of work:
An individual approach to each request, there are constellations, meditations, and training in water that will not leave anyone indifferent at all, because it is so relaxing! In addition, I attended Ekaterina's training on Emotional Intelligence at PWC, I highly recommend Ekaterina as a life coach!

Anna, 33 years old
Organizer of Large-Scale Sports Events
When someone is looking for a psychologist, I always recommend Ekaterina. But from now on I will recommend her not only as a good psychotherapist, but also as a fairy, as a specialist of Watsu. Honestly, girls, it is incredible! If I knew about the existence of her and Watsu, my husband would live without fights. Just joking! Life is boring without disputes, so anyways they would take place. I cannot say about others, but personally after Watsu I became less anxious, it is easier to relax now, I even got my back straighter. And as if in cartoons, I gained a beautiful flexibility. If anyone is interested to please your inner dolphin, read about this wonderful method. One week has passed after our sessions, but I dream about swimming and feel absolutely happy. I wake up — and feel delighted.

If there was a gift to heal souls through the body, Ekaterina has exactly that gift.
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Ekaterina Podoprigora
Business skills trainer, Leadership coach, psychotherapist
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